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Who we are and what we do
Backoff Solutions is headed by Lindy Jones, who has a solid business background and a reputation as an effective credit control manager.

Based in Dorset and Oxfordshire, we specialise in working with busy companies who can do without the hassle of chasing overdue payments. With 30 years running our own businesses, we know how important it is to keep the focus on sales – but equally make sure people pay on time.

Our services include:

Unlike many of our competitors, we don’t take a percentage of successfully recovered invoices and we don’t hold onto your money before passing it on to you: we charge a straightforward fee depending on the level of input you require. You know beforehand exactly how much you will pay: there are no rolling monthly contracts or set-up charges.

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Personal Profile of Lindy Jones- Director

I was born in Hertfordshire and moved to the Berkshire, Buckinghamshire area when I was around 6 years old.

Coming from a family that had been in retail since1830 in St Paul’s Churchyard, London, I was therefore brought up with looking after and helping customers from an early age.

So I have spent years in customer services, from a well-known retail businesses in Windsor, Berkshire, which held 3 Royal Warrants, even helping some of the junior Royals choose gifts for other family members, to owning and running a retail business in Marlow, then starting and running a commercial B2B business which was later franchised through out the UK.

So during my work life, I have run a number of businesses from high street retailing and supplying corporate gifts and incentives for large organizations, such as HSBC, Lloyds Bank, Proctor and Gamble, and Vodafone, as well as starting a commercial and contract cleaning company in Oxfordshire which later was franchised.

So as a business owner I am fully aware of the pressure and stress that are put on a company and its cash flow for late or non payment of invoices, so I decided that I would start a business working on a fixed price, so everyone knows exactly what the cost is upfront, we can make sure the invoice has arrived been signed off and is ready for payment, to chasing overdue payments, ‘Letter before Action’ and even issuing court papers. Also, in house training for clients own their own credit control departments.

There is a fine line to collecting overdue invoices where you don’t disturb the harmonious relationship that you have worked so hard to nurture. I pride myself with being able to get the invoices on the top of that payment pile, whilst keeping a balance of friendliness and professionalism as well as keeping my 98% collection rate.

My passions were my horses either riding sidesaddle or carriage driving to competition level, sailing my parent’s dinghy in Devon and even riding my motorbike! Now, with time and age I’ve come to my senses and have moved away from that lifestyle and right now I like to spend time visiting my grownup children and walking my dogs, which is far less dangerous!